Our food stations are not only delicious and beautifully designed, but also excellent party starters. Your guests will mix and mingle as they move throughout the event space to try everything on offer. A single station is great for cocktail hour, or you could combine 4 or more stations to serve as a main meal. All stations include our signature rustic decor: antique wooden crates, vintage china, bright and cheery greenery and floral. If that doesn’t fit your style, we can also craft your stations from sleek white china & botanical elements. All stations require a minimum of 50 guests.






@$8.75 per serving

assorted sliced salumes from Volpi, Salume Beddu, and Todd Geisert Farms

selection of farmstead cheeses from Marcoot Jersey Creamery and Baetje goat cheese

paired with wine crackers, crostini,  fresh & dried fruits



@$7.75 per serving

the best nibbles from our current pantry: a medley of our specialty housemade dips-edamame kale, classic hummus, artichoke white bean, sriracha hummus, creamy parmesan, blue cheese kefir, to name a few-with house pita chips & artisan crackers; includes housemade pickles and roasted nuts; marinated olives; selected fresh-cut fruits and prepared veggies; and two to three varieties of artisan cheese or salume



@$5.95 per serving

grilled bruschetta, herbed flatbread, toasted crostini and seeded breadsticks

accompanied by  tomato basil gremolata, white balsamic-marinated fresh mozzarella,

olive artichoke tapenade, fire roasted eggplant ganoush, rosemary white bean spread, spinach feta dip



@$5.45 per serving

a bountiful display of raw and grilled vegetable crudite & fresh seasonal fruits

fresh dips and spreads  (green goddess, roasted red pepper hummus, edamame kale, carrot & cumin)

our housemade garden veggie pickles (cucumber, beet, green bean, cauliflower)

lhcatering 050
lhcatering 022 (2)






@$13.70 per serving

local corn tortilla chips with tri-color house salsas: smoked tomato, avocado cucumber, fire roasted tomatillo

vegan enchilada bake with our vegan cheese, fresh jalapeno, walnuts, black beans, and bell peppers

torta poquito: mini Mexican sandwich of carne asada, baby garden greens, grilled scallion, lime, fresh crema

arroz verde al Poblano: green rice cooked with cilantro, swiss chard and poblano


THE HILL   Italian

@$15.70 per serving

spicy fennel salsiccia, onions, & roasted pepper in chunky arrabbiata sauce, tossed with penne

spinach gnocchi in Ozark wild mushroom cream sauce

roasted garlic crostini & seeded bread sticks

kale Caesar salad with house-cultured kefir parmesan dressing


SOUTHAMPTON   Mediterranean

@$15.50 per serving

grilled lemon chicken kabobs

herbed falafel with citrus kefir dip

toasted pita triangles with feta mint dip & roasted red pepper hummus

chard leaves stuffed with saffron scented rice & fresh herbs

garden spinach salad with tomato, red onion, local cucumber, parsley, & bell peppers served with wild marjoram vinaigrette



@$16.50 per serving

bun bo xao bowl: lemongrass-grilled beef on vermicelli noodles with carrot, cucumbers, cashews, sweet red chilies, &             Siam basil; garnished with crispy shallots

mini bahn mi: smoked tempeh, cilantro, house kim chi, spun carrot & golden beets, Claverach sprouts on crunchy bread

tofu spring roll with Hoisin chili dipping sauce

sweet pickled Thai cucumber salad


lhcatering 025 (2)


THE COUNTY   comfort food

@$16.25 per serving

BBQ pulled pork slider with purple cabbage slaw

smashed skin-on potatoes with choice of toppings: house-cultured sour cream; bacon crumbles; garden chives; shredded Marcoot tipsy cheddar (with Schlafly pale ale); cracked black pepper and sea salt compound butter; crispy onions

veggie slaw of red cabbage, crunchy green apple & carrot, marinated in Crown Valley hard cider vinaigrette

deviled eggs, featuring a housemade coarse brown mustard, dusted with smoked paprika







@$3.75 per serving

choose 5 flavors: cajun-spiced, garlic-parmesan, browned-butter rosemary, sweet kettle corn, chocolate-glazed, peanut butter cup, real butter & sea salt, fall spice, salted caramel

includes “rustic” setup with chalkboards, scoops, bowls, and baskets, along with kraft paper bags



@$4.95 per serving

guests choose from three flavors, scooped by an attendant, and six serve-yourself toppings:

pick three ice cream flavors: vanilla bean, salted caramel, basil, chocolate, mint, strawberry, blueberry lavender, smoked honey, seasonal fruit sorbet

pick 6 toppings: pineapple compote, strawberry coulis, organic candies, chocolate sauce, tomato jam, fresh whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles, all-natural maraschino cherries, banana, butterscotch, fresh berries



@$4.65 per serving

features selections from the following dessert bites (number of selections varies by guest count, please inquire):

mini cupcakes: carrot with cream cheese frosting, dark chocolate, chocolate beet, berry zucchini, vanilla bean, seasonal fruit

dessert bar bites: chocolate brownie, blondie, lemon, oatmeal jam, gooey butter, sea salt & caramel

seasonal fruit tartlets; mini key lime pies; berry & creme fraiche cup; chocolate fudge; chocolate-dipped strawberries or cherries