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We do our best to reduce our impact on the environment through the following practices:

  • Buying locally from small farmers and ranchers and food artisans who practice sustainable farming and production methods. This also reduces the amount of fossil fuels required to bring the food to the table.
  • Buying organic ingredients that are free of pesticides and chemicals. They are better for the body and it reduces the amount of chemical run-off into our country's streams and waterways.
  • Supporting fair-trade practices and small-scale coffee and tea farmers.
  • Using biodegradeable plastics and packaging whenever possible. Most of our packaging will completely biodegrade within a few years. Styrofoam and petroleum-based plastics will be around for generations.
  • Recycling plastic, aluminum, paper, cardboard, tin, and glass. We reduce our waste by 50% daily through our recycling efforts.
  • Installing bamboo flooring, water aerators, efficient HVAC systems, and low-e glass.
  • Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling. We preach it, we practice it!
Local Harvest Cafe and Catering | 3137 Morgan Ford Road, St Louis, Missouri 63116 | tel 314.772.8815 | fax 314.480.7119
Hours: Monday 7am - 2pm, Tuesday - Thursday 7am - 9pm, Friday 7am - 10pm, Saturday 8am - 10pm, Sunday 8am - 9pm